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Many people are becoming more and more concerned about holding their hard earned savings in the banking system leaving them exposed to inflation, bank bail ins, capital controls, and future debasements/revaluations of the currency.

Come discover the world of precious metals and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is secure !


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Talk to us and get educated about the monetary system and how to protect you wealth.

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World class e-commerce platform

Our best in class bullion ordering platform ensures the lowest pricing, ease of use and full transparency on all transactions.

Sovereign Mint, Private Mint & Artisan Bullion

We carry a wide selection of bullion from all major sovereign mints, private mints and specialty artisan producers.

Proudly Canadian!

We are a Waterloo, Ontario based full service service precious metals dealer

What we do – ICG Bullion

ICG Bullion’s primary purpose is education ! We believe acquiring knowledge about the money system is the best thing one can do to help make better financial decisions and prepare yourself for the challenging times ahead.

Get your questions answered on the history of fiat currencies and the role government and central banks play in debasing and destroying the value of our currency.

Bank bail ins, capital controls and hyperinflation is happening in many jurisdictions around the world and has already started to show up on our shores here in North America !

Book your free learning call today and get started down the road to literacy in money, currency, banking and the vital role precious metals play in protecting your wealth !

Dealer Services

We are proud to partner with coin stores and other retail precious metals participants to help grow and prosper their individual businesses.

  • Access to wholsale bullion products through our BuDiNet trading portal (Bullion Distribution Network)
  • Refining Services on all your scrap lots offering tier 1 payouts through our partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Technology support with real time branded quote screens to implement on your website or as a stand alone web page to use with your customers

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