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Many people are becoming more and more concerned about holding their hard earned savings in the banking system leaving them exposed to inflation, bank bail ins, capital controls, and future debasements/revaluations of the currency.

Come discover the world of precious metals and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your wealth is secure !


ICG Bullion Features

Real live people, Real live support

Talk to real live people to answer precious metals questions!

World class e-commerce platform

Simple, easy to use platform for ordering and locking in your precious metals prices.

Sovereign Mint, Private Mint & Artisan Bullion

We carry a wide selection of bullion including low mintage artisan bullion.

Proudly Canadian!

We are a Waterloo, Ontario based full service service precious metals dealer

Bullion Distribution Network

Most know and feel something is wrong with the system. We provide education and help in answering your questions and concerns by giving you current perspective and knowledge on what is going on in the government and banking sectors.

Have a conversation with us and get educated on things you can do to position and protect your family from the imminent challenges ahead!


  • Wholesale Bullion access through the Bullion Distribution Network (BuDiNet)
  • Scrap Refining – Tier 1 payouts through our partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Live branded real time quote screens to implement into your website
  • Advisory Services on growing your precious metals business

Trading platform build for bullion

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