Silver at ICG Bullion: Your Path to Wealth Preservation

Welcome to ICG Bullion,  we specialize in providing bullion products and education in precious metals, banking and the monetary system.

Let’s dive into the world of silver. If you’re thinking about investing in silver or just curious about what it’s all about, you’ve landed in the right place.

Let’s explore why silver bullion can be an excellent addition to your wealth preservation journey.

Why Invest in Silver Bullion?

Silver is like gold’s cool younger sibling. It’s valuable, shiny, and has many of the same benefits as gold (inflation hedge, protection from currency debasements, bank bail ins and capital controls) but with a price point that’s more accessible to the typical Canadian. This makes it a great choice if you’re starting to diversify out of the banking system and taking direct control of your wealth.

Our Range of Silver Bullion Products

silver bars

Bars or ingots are popular forms of silver that typically have a price point cheaper than their coin counterpart. They are produced by private mints and sovereign mints and come in many sizes and weights.

silver coins

Coins are produced by sovereign mints and are stamped with a currency value denominated in the currency of the country of issue. A popular choice for their beauty & craftsmanship. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is one of the most popular bullion coins in the world !

silver ROUNDS

Silver Rounds are similar to coins except they are produced by private mints as opposed to sovereign mints. They generally come in at a cheaper price point than coins and come in various designs and sizes. There is no country or face value stamped on the coin.

Why Choose ICG Bullion?

Quality and Authenticity: Our Guarantee

We want you to feel confident in your investment. At ICG Bullion we work with the major mints of the world and guarantee every piece of bullion we sell for quality ,purity and authenticity.

 Easy to Buy and Secure

Starting your silver bullion collection is easy with us. We guide you through the process, answer all your questions, and even provide secure storage options. We’re all about making your silver investment experience smooth and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is silver bullion, exactly?

Silver bullion is just pure silver in the form of bars, coins or rounds. It’s having silver in a solid, pure form you can hold, store, and collect. People invest in it because it’s valuable and provides an excellent form of long term wealth preservation.

Why should I consider investing in silver instead of gold?

Silver is a great choice. Its price point is more accessible than gold and offers the same benefits. The silver/gold historic ratio is around 15:1. The current ratio is around 84:1 ! This shows how undervalued silver is. In times of crisis the ratio typically moves towards the historical norm and will provide exponential increases in purchasing power to those that hold it.

What kinds of silver bullion can I buy from ICG Bullion?

We offer a range of silver products. You can choose from silver bars, coins or rounds from various sovereign mints and private mints around the world. We also offer a limited number of vintage bars and collector bullion items.

How do I know the silver I’m buying is authentic?

At ICG Bullion, we guarantee the quality, purity and authenticity of our silver. We source our silver from trusted private mints and major sovereign mints around the world.

Is silver bullion easy to sell?

Definitely ! Silver is one of the most liquid commodities in the world. We make two-way markets on all precious metals. With a simple phone call we can provide you a bid for your items and the process for completing the transaction. We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive buyers in Canada.

How do I start investing in silver bullion with ICG Bullion?

Getting started is easy! Just give us a call or send us a message. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for and walk you through the process. We’re here to answer all your questions and ensure you feel confident about your transaction. Our e-commerce site is available for ordering during market hours as well.

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